Scholarship Donation

Scholarship Donation


The Class of ‘89 has two major fundraising efforts that will benefit current and future students, with a particular focus on the Class of 2019 as they transition to college. First, the Media Center at our beloved Cass needs to be renovated. There are three student-meeting rooms located within the Media Center, each room requiring a laptop and wireless printer (a total cost of $1,800) that will allow students to collaborate on projects. Upgrading technology is of growing concern for our alma mater and the adoption of even one of these meeting rooms will have a tremendous impact on Cass Tech students now and for years to come.

Our goal is to outfit at least one of these three meeting rooms with the quality equipment it needs. In turn, a commemorative plaque placed in the room we adopt will declare the greatness that is the Class of ’89!

More importantly, as we continue to live in the legacy of excellence reinforced by our time in the halls of Cass Technical High School, the adoption of this space will stand as a lasting gift of gratitude, to a school that has bestowed so much upon us.

In addition to adopting a media center room, we also want to contribute to our future alumni with our 30 for 30 Scholarship Campaign.  We want to “adopt” at least 25 students from the Class of 2019 and support them as they head off to college with bridge to college sponsorships. 

Each spring, students submit a list of items they need when they go to college (e.g. refrigerator, microwave, towels, sheets, etc.) alumni and friends purchase those items for them and present them at the end of the school year.  We want to support at least 25 of those students!

We are also hoping to provide 5 $1000 scholarships for students for their leadership abilities, service to their communities and a commitment to social justice.  This will make a total of 30 scholarships we could potentially provide students, but we will need either your donations or a commitment from you as soon as possible.

As you register for reunion activities, please click the donate button to donate $30 to these great causes.  If you want to do more (e.g. purchase items, fully sponsor a student ($250) or one of the $1000 scholarships), email Fay Watts (, Bridgett Rawls Bryant ( or Jody Connally (

If you want to get together with a group of friends to sponsor a student, you can do that too!  Any questions, contact any of us!!

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You can help a deserving college student with college expenses, tuition, books and housing. Our plan is to give 30 scholarships in the following forms:

$250 gift cards to help students make the transition to college

$1000 scholarship(s) for students who demonstrate exceptional scholarly achievements as well as need

$1000 scholarship(s) for students who excel at leadership either at school or in their communities

$1000 scholarship(s) for students who show a commitment to social justice

Final numbers will be determined by the total amount donated.

Thank you in advance for your generosity!